Our Activities

Our following groups participate in a wide range of interesting activities. Each group has vacancies for more members. We urge you to consider becoming a member of one of these groups. You will not be disappointed.

For Adults

Lonely? Retired? Want company? Enjoy friendship? Like fun and laughs? Enjoy stimulating activities? You have come to the right place!

Selwyn Centre Group
This Group meets in St. Paul's Lounge. This is situated in Otakau Road, Milford. ( see Map here) The Group meets on Tuesday mornings 9:30am to 12pm.

The Group caters for people who have retired or who are lonely or who like to come for other reasons. It is an opportunity to have fun and join in a number of interesting activities.

The cost is: $3 per person.

People who come along greatly enjoy the company of other people. It is a very friendly group and there is always an open invitation to others to come and find out about this happy group of people. There is no obligation nor is there any pressure to become a member of our Church. There is no need to contact anyone to join. You can just come along and introduce yourself.

A midday meal (11:30am) is arranged on the first Tuesday of each month.

The group has regular outings. Recent outings have been to Butterfly Creek, Crystal Mountain, Matakana, the Naval Museum at Devonport and the Cathedral, St Stephens ending with a picnic lunch at the Rose Gardens.

The cost of this meal is: $5 per person.
This cost includes the cost of the morning meeting on the day when the meal is arranged.

For enquiries about this group would you please phone Mrs Mary Griffiths on phone 410 7306.

Special Study Groups
Our Parish always arranges for the formation of a Lenten study group.

Particulars of the dates and times when meetings are due to be held will be advertised on the events page.

There are also occasions when other special types of study groups are formed to discuss particular issues. These will be advertised on this page from time to time.

Currently a study group meets at 10:45am on Wednesdays.

Diocesan Events Group

Special events take place in different parts of our Auckland Anglican Diocese during each year.

These events will be advertised on the events page at least one month before they occur.

We try and support such events and when they occur we try to arrange transport for people who are interested in attending.

For Children and Youth

Our kids and youth have plenty of fun and stimulating things to do - for all ages. We place a great amount of importance on having a welcoming, friendly, secure and caring environment. Your children are more than welcome to come and share all the fun we have here at St. Paul's.

Sunday School: J Team!
Creative and exciting Sunday morning programme for children up to 12 years old.
Click here for more information.

Preschool group: Mainly Music!
The Mainly Music phenomenon is sweeping New Zealand! Check out our well-established programme. Parents and children learning songs and dances together, fellowship and friendship!
Click here for more information.

Youth Club: Youth United!
Our 13+ youth club is a dedicated, fun-loving bunch of people. We engage in all sorts of activities, trips, camps, sporting events - and sometimes we just kick back and watch a movie. We meet fortnightly Fridays and for worship on Sunday mornings.
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