Pre-school Children

Mainly Music

MM Party

Aged 0-5? Love music? Love dancing? Love meeting other kids?

Come to our Mainly Music sessions with your Mummy, Daddy, Grandpa, Grandma orĀ Childminder.

Our pre-school programme is a wildly popular way to introduce your child to music, rhythm and dance. It builds social skills as well as coordination and language development. And it's great for parents too - come and meet our lovely group of helpers, socialise with other mums and dads over a coffee and sandwich and best of all, enjoy watching your child dance and grow.


$4 per family, per session - includes morning tea and playtime after the session.

MM Party 2

Our programme is held during each School Term at:

St. Paul's, Milford Hall on Thursdays at 10:00am.

Interested? Excited? For full details of this programme please phone Megan Bowden on 410 5117.

For more information on the Mainly Music phenomenon, see the Mainly Music website.