Weddings and Funerals

WeddingWe are able to arrange for Weddings, Wedding Receptions and Conferences with full catering. Special meetings can also be arranged with full catering and we can provide facilities for many other types of events. We are also able to arrange for Funerals and we can provide full catering facilities following on from a Funeral.

We Share the use of our Buildings
We aim to share the use of our buildings as much as possible with the people who reside in our local communities of Milford, Forrest Hill and Castor Bay. People from other areas are also very welcome and often do join us in the many activities we promote. We have tried to cover the needs of every age group right through from the very young to those who have retired. Being a Church we are of course a non profit organisation. The charges we sometimes have to make to cover costs for some of our activities are particularly attractive when compared to what would otherwise normally have to be charged for such occasions.