Seasons North Shore

SeasonsSeasons Programmes operate in various parts of New Zealand. Our Parish of St. Paul's Milford makes various arrangements to give help and support to the Seasons programme that is conducted on the North Shore.

This programme is offered to children who are feeling the effects of grief, whether it be of family separation, divorce, death of a parent or sibling or other loss which may affect them deeply.

Many heart warming messages both from parents and from the people who have the responsibility for caring for these children tell us what a remarkable difference our Seasons programme of "growing through grief" has made in their lives.

When they start the programme the children are very often sad, withdrawn and even angry, with either little or no interest in their school lessons or classes or anything else in their lives. It is very clear that they need help to get back on top of life once again. By the end of the programme the child is almost always a totally different person. They are lively, have a smile on their face, and are interested once again in their studies, their home and their environment. It makes that much difference!


Judy Bailey
"I'm delighted to be associated with the Seasons programme. I know how profoundly grief can affect us and how debilitating it can be, particularly for the very young. The fun, activities based approach of Seasons is achieving remarkable results."

As one carer said. "It is hard to imagine the years of misery the child could go through without the assistance that Seasons provides."

Our Seasons Programme operates and is supported through the Parishes in the Hauraki Archdeaconry in the Anglican Diocese of Auckland.

Donations are welcomed from people who would like to support the Seasons Programme and can be made to The Treasurer, Seasons North Shore, c/- St. Paul's Anglican Church, 10 Otakau Road, Milford. Donations made are tax deductible.

A Management Committee is responsible for carrying out administrative arrangements for Seasons North Shore. This committee is made up of members from a number of North Shore Parishes.

For enrolments and other information please contact our Coordinator below:

Megan Bowden
2/38A Blakeborough Drive
Forrest HillĀ 
Auckland 0620
Phone 410 5117
Email address:

Fundraising Liaison:
The Rev. Murray Spackman

There is more information about the work that Seasons carries out on the National Seasons Web site which is operated through the main Seasons Waiapu office in Napier. Visit for more information.