Music for our Church Services

OrganWe are grateful to our organists for the wonderful contribution they make to music in our Services at St. Paul's Milford.

Their names are as follows:

Megan Bowden
Rosemary Maire
Barrie Collett
Derek Firth
Graeme Thomas

We are fortunate to have installed in St. Paul's Church a modern Rodgers 520 digital organ.

The Rodgers Organ Company which has its head office in Oregon USA is very highly regarded and their organs have a wonderful reputation. There are a considerable number of Rodgers organs in Churches throughout New Zealand. Furthermore it is interesting to note that many Churches on the North Shore have the facility of Rodgers organs.

It is a two-manual classical organ that incorporates an eclectic specification with authentic pipe organ sounds. It has 25 speaking stops, an expression pedal, a two-channel (stereo) audio system and many other features. The organ console contains the normal standard keyboards, a pedal board and controls similar to a pipe organ.

There are lighted tilt tab stop controls situated immediately above the two manuals. Traditional couplers are included, as well as a number of adjustable combination action pistons. These combination pistons are able to control the sounds held in two separate memories.

A special feature of this organ is its full MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) capability. This allows the organist to control other MIDI devices if they are connected to the organ ( i.e. keyboards, sequencers, rhythm units, sound modules, etc.). The MIDI interface also allows the organist to have full recording and playback capabilities using an external MIDI device. In addition the MIDI interface allows for the connection of a Rodgers Sound Module. By linking this sound module over 1000 additional sounds can be accessed and played along with the normal sounds produced by this organ.